The Glass Hills


Five decades ago, White Barrow sent the Firewalker to burn the world a second time. The colossal warmech was supposed to be the fist they closed around the Dustlands. Instead, when it fell, it marked the end of White Barrow’s tyranny. The horrific fires almost ended the other settlements too and the heat and force was so severe the desert erupted into flows of molten glass that solidified to become the Glass Hills.

Now the Hills are a maze, a fortification and a hazard. A maze of constantly shifting trails and caves, with only the Hope Road leading to Coyote Skull safe enough to travel all the time. A fortification because they are almost impossible to cross safely. A hazard because of the fields of splinters, sharp edges and shattering glass that turn dust storms into murderous, toothed cyclones of knives.

The Glass Hills are, for all their danger, full of opportunity. Caves litter them and Coyote Skull use them for everything from emergency shelters to, in one case, the farm that supplies the city. Dangerous, certainly, but in the Dustlands, sometimes danger is a chance to make something better for the future…

2 Unique Locations

  • The Farm - Using the sunlight filtered through the glass, the Farm is what feeds Coyote Skull. It’s also a testament to Mayor Jade’s beliefs. The workers are all prisoners taken in attacks on the town. They’re fed well, paid for their time and spend their sentence not just tilling the land but learning skills. At the end of their sentence they’re offered a place in the town. Almost all of them take it.

  • Mr N’s Cache - The mysterious Dustland guide has at least one bothole here, filled with supplies.

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