About DOSE

What is the DOSE Token?

DOSE is an ERC-20 Fungible Token (FT) of purchase, utility and action. DOSE is the main token of the Dustland Runner and also is the in-game currency of the OliveX (BVI) gamified fitness ecosystem. Learn more: DOSE Whitepaper

DOSE contract address:

  • ETH: 0xb31ef9e52d94d4120eb44fe1ddfde5b4654a6515

  • BSC: 0x7837fd820ba38f95c54d6dac4ca3751b81511357

What are the DOSE supply mechanics?

DOSE has a fixed supply of 5 billion. This mechanic allows us to scale from 10,000 players to millions of players without breaking the economy due to token inflation.

Which wallets can store my DOSE?

Any wallets that support ERC-20 standard token.

Why can’t I open dosetoken.com, the $DOSE website?

Restrictions due to compliance regulations for different jurisdictions apply. Therefore some players and DOSE holders might not be able to view the website. VPN users might also be blocked too.

Where can I buy $DOSE?

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