The Dustcap Network

One of the game’s most closely held secrets is that the towns were all created to serve a particular purpose for White Barrow and the Dustcaps are the descendants of the support staff that used to keep them connected. In game terms this ties in to the eventual trading network beneath the towns with each location having a different speciality. These include:

  • Kettlemine - Originally the cargo hub for the region. Now trades food and supplies.

  • New Alice Springs - The core R&D facility for the region. Trades knowledge and raw manufacturing resources.

  • Coyote Skull - Dustcap housing. Strong infrastructure and knowledge base. This is why they have the largest Dustcap contingent. Trades knowledge and expertise for goods.

  • Peregine - Senior project staff housing. Only freshwater aquifer in the region.

  • Pallas’ Tears - Part of the vast and currently undiscovered White Barrow transport network.

  • Cactus Coil - Settlement established by staff on Project QUICKSILVER BUTTERFLY to experiment with carbon mitigation with plants. Also home to one of the first major genetic experiments we’ll meet in the game, Fred the cactus.

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