Dustland Litepaper
Dustland Litepaper

Distance Requirement

Distance badge - requirement fulfilled!
Every mission will come with different distance requirements for players to achieve in order to earn a green tick on the distance badge. Regardless of energy, players who start a mission and turn on GPS will have their distance achieved recorded cumulatively. This also holds true when players pause and resume the mission.
For example: Mission A requires 20km and B requires 30km. When players have achieved 20km for A, they will only need to go for another 10km to fulfill B.
Note: To ensure that all players get a fresh start to the Alpha Rewards and Crafting system, all running stats have been reset. Players will see an in-app prompt as below. This means you will have to go through all the missions again so that you can:
  1. 1.
    pick up specific crafting materials, and
  2. 2.
    meet the distance requirement assigned for each mission in order to progress through the game.
In-game distance reset pop-up message.