Guide for users to discover the Floppy Disk in their Metamask wallet

  1. Must link Metamask wallet to Dustland account email address (tutorial video here).

  2. Must be able to see the linked wallet address being displayed in Dustland app Setting.

  3. Open Metamask app, change network to Polygon. (See Metamask's guide here).

  4. Under "Assets" tab, scroll down and click "Import tokens".

  5. In the "Token contract address", fill in "0xf293B608BaA0077737F691E210D46EeDFCcb0d67".

  6. Wait for about 3 seconds, and "DSTLND" should appear in "Token symbol".

  7. For "Token decimal", fill in:

    a) "1" if users have a Common Floppy Disk.

    b) "2" if users have an Uncommon Floppy Disk.

    c) "3" if users have a Rare Floppy Disk.

    d) "4" if users have an Epic Floppy Disk.

    e) "5" if users have a Legendary Floppy Disk.

  8. Click "Add custom token" and the corresponding Floppy Disk should appear in users' Metamask wallet.

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