How to ride in game

What you would want to know to play game

How many missions are there ?

Currently, there are 4 missions in the Rider, in which:

Ungated mission:

  • Hope in Ruin: Pirates are attacking your hometown of Kettlemine. You can play this mission without needing to create an account.

Gated missions:

Gated missions which require virtual items to play.

  • Traveling Companions: The only hope for the future is you and the cargo you’re carrying.

  • Sketching in: A new friend guides you to refuge.

  • Explore Kettlemine: Ride for Re-supplies

What's required?

The required items of each mission will appear in the “What’s required” area on the screenshot.

  • The green stick mark will appear on all the items you had.

Can I choose any mission to play ?

  • For the first round of missions, you should just go to the next mission automatically. The reason is that most missions have requirements to unlock them, which should include the virtual items that you are rewarded from completing the previous missions. Therefore, if you suddenly jump in a mission, you will not meet the requirements of these gated missions

Once you have completed a mission, a pop up window to notify about a next mission will appear.

At this moment,

  • If you would like to upload your mission result to Strava, click “Upload”.

  • If you don’t want to upload, click “No” to choose the next mission.

In case you don’t upload, then you can upload it together with the next mission. Uploading is only for Strava, a social media app. It is not required to save your game progress. It just saves your workout information so you can analyze it and share it in Strava.

  • For the second round of missions onward: If you completed all missions and want to play the second round of missions, then you can jump in any missions as long as you meet its requirements.

Can I play Rider outside?

NO! It is dangerous to be looking at your screen while riding outside! You will need a stationary device.

Can I play Rider with my friends?

Of course! Rider is a multiplayer online game. If you want to join friends, you and your friends must be on the same mission. Each mission has its own server. If there are more than 15 people playing on a mission then a new server will be set up. Currently, you can not create your own server, but this feature will be available in the future.

Can I make an appointment to ride with my friends?

Yes, of course but not inside the game.

Can I upload my performance stats to Strava?

Dustland Rider allows you to see your speed or time while in the game. All your normal fitness metrics can also be uploaded to Strava with a GPX file.

What does my performance look like on Strava ?

Your result looks like below on Strava.

How does Dustland Rider track my performance in the game?

After connecting your sensors to the device (PC, Mac, iOS or Android phone/tablet), Dustland Rider will track your speed and distance when you are riding.

Can I use guest mode to play?


Step 1: Click “Guest” on the Login Screen.

Step 2: Enter your name and weight (kg) in the respective fields. Then, click “Play”.

Step 3: Click “Connect” to connect to your sensors: Power, Speed, Cadence, Heart or Resist(ance).


At Step 3, you can also choose “Skip” which can mean:

  • You don’t have a sensor to connect but you want to see what the game looks like. However, you will not be able to start riding in the game.

  • You want to start loading the game while you connect to your sensors. In this case, you will have to connect your sensors later from the settings menu.

Step 4: Starting pedaling for equipment setup and when the connection is finished, you will see “Sensors found, let’s have a look!”.

Choose your respective sensors and click “CONTINUE”.

Now, you can revise “Base Resistance” and “Smart Resistance”. Click “Test Ride” to check if the level you have chosen is what you want. You can always revise these numbers until you feel comfortable.

Remember: if the Smart Resistance is on, the resistance will increase when you go over a hill.

Click “Ready” and you’re good to go!


  • You can always adjust the Base Resistance and Smart Resistance before the game starts.

  • Guest mode will only allow players to ride the equipment setup test and the first mission without needing to create an account.

Can I play in guest mode?

The guest mode will only allow you to ride the equipment setup test and the first mission without needing to create an account.

What does these numbers under each mission mean?

  • Distance 5 Km is the estimated distance the mission will be.

  • Elevation 70M is the estimated amount of climbing in meters you may need to go up.

  • Time 20 Min is the estimated time it will take you to ride in the mission. Everyone will get a different time, but if you ride at 150 watts on average then it will take you about 20 minutes to do 5Km with that amount of climbing. These are just used so that when someone wants to work out, they normally think of how much time they want to spend.

  • Best time is the shortest time you completed the mission during your rides.

Can I ride through Airplay or Chromecast?

We don't recommend it but you can try. AirPlay and Chromecast may lag when streamed. For the best large screen experience we suggest using Rider for PC.

Can I steer the bike in Rider?

The game requires no steering. However, we will have creative ways within the game to select where you want to go next to continue the story or collect items.

I am running Zwift on my PC for indoor riding. Can I play Dustland Rider at the same time ?

You will be able to do both if your trainer allows multiple connections, or if you power the Zwift session with a power meter and the Rider session with a speed sensor.

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