Get Started

How to get started?

To start, you just need to:

  1. Download the Dustland Runner App

  2. Sign up for a Dustland Account Two ways to create an account:

    • Tutorial for setting up your account in the app

    • Go to

      • Click ‘Connect wallet’ and connect your MetaMask wallet. (No wallet? Hit for a step-by-step tutorial)

      • Click ‘Create new Dustland account’

      • Enter your email address and verification code

Please DO NOT download Dustland Runner from other sources.

Please make sure the wallet you decide to link with your Dustland account is the one you want. Once they are paired together, you cannot unlink them i.e. you can’t change your Dustland account to be with another wallet address.

What equipment do I need to get started?

You simply need a smartphone connected to the Internet and perhaps a pair of headphones. Why? You can listen to the Dustland story while you run or listen to your own music.

What are the device requirements?

In order to start your running adventures with us, your device needs:

  • For Android: API levels: 23+, Target SDK: 30, OpenGL ES versions: 2.0+, RAM (Total Memory): 2.0GB+

  • For iOS: Requires iOS 13.0 or later

Do I need a crypto wallet to start Dustland?

The good news is that you don’t need a crypto wallet to start running with Dustland Runner. However, if you want to earn in-game rewards, you will need a MetaMask wallet to convert these items into DOSE tokens or NFTs. At that moment,

  • If you already have a crypto wallet, connect your wallet on Dustland website by clicking the ‘Connect Wallet’ button

  • If you haven’t yet, you need to create a wallet and then connect the wallet. Hit the tutorial on getting one

Note: we DO NOT own your private keys and CANNOT access your funds without your confirmation.

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