NFT Rewards

Kettlemine Harbour Postcard:

How can I get a Kettlemine Harbour Postcard ?

The Kettlemine Harbour Postcard was Dustland's first NFT. To buy, head over to OpenSea.

Contract address: 0xC65fD3945e26c15E03176810d35506956B036f39

What are the Kettlemine Harbour Postcard burning mechanics?

The Kettlemine Harbour Postcard NFT has been burnt in the below activities:



Number of burned NFT


Redeem Complete Ticket to DOSE in Alpha

1 x Kettlemine Harbour Postcard


Join Allowlist to mint an Operation Ape Access Pass

3 x Kettlemine Harbour Postcard

What privileges does this NFT offer?

1. A chance to earn $DOSE

2. An exclusive role on Discord: Kettlemine Guardian

When I try to purchase Kettlemine NFTs on OpenSea, I keep receiving error messages and cannot complete the purchase. What’s happening?

OpenSea does not approve transactions below USD5. You can try "Offer" or opt for multiple NFTs to raise the value of your purchase over USD5 to complete the transaction.

Why can’t I see my Kettlemine NFT on my phone?

Please check out this Medium guide for details on inputting the NFT address and ID to your wallet. You should be able to see it then.

Why can’t I see my Kettlemine NFT on my computer?

You cannot see it on the PC version of MetaMask. Check it on your OpenSea profile.

Can I transfer my Kettlemine NFT from one wallet to another?

Yes, but make sure to have some MATIC for gas fees.

Operation Ape: Access Pass:

How can I get an Operation Ape Access Pass NFT?

It can be purchased directly on OpenSea

Ape Pass contract: 0x3B2f1189b9372c4B6C569a497ad241112d8824c1

What are its utilities?

  • Grants exclusive entry to Operation Ape missions in Dustland Runner

  • Allows players to earn DOSE tokens through these Ape missions from a separate Dustland reward pool (and in the future to be able to swap DOSE earned from game to ApeCoin in a future dedicated LP)

  • Accesses future Ape Mission rare crafting items

What privileges does this NFT offer?

Ape Pass holders:

  • Are entitled to rewards from both their separate Ape Mission reward pool and the Dustland reward pool by completing regular missions

  • Enjoy 40% daily reward pool post-Alpha

  • Will always be the highest tiered reward pool

  • Receive an exclusive role on Discord: Buster Buddy

When can I start earning in the Ape Missions?

We know you're all eager and you'd start today if you could! The team is working hard to hit the launch date in Summer for Ape missions.

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