Rider Alpha Rewards

What are the rewards after completing missions?

In the Alpha stage, you will be rewarded for every completed mission with different virtual Items such as Lockbox, Handwritten Note, Kettlemine Map, Dustcap Headset…and more will be available later.

The in-game DOSE reward system will be introduced in the next phase of game development, we want to get the core game going first before adding the extra layer.

Are the potential rewards guaranteed?

Yes and No. You are guaranteed to get one of the rewards of a mission but not all the rewards.

I rode in the “Travelling Companions” mission many times but I got only “Handwritten Note”. Is something wrong?

No, for each item, you only can get 01 despite how many times you completed the mission but you will have a chance to get other virtual items in the potential rewards of that mission.

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