DOSE Rewards

NOTE: You must opt for GPS mode to earn rewards on your runs. This is an anti-cheat mechanism implemented to make the reward system fairer.


Time plays an important factor in reward distribution. The system divides up the reward pool evenly, so that any given time of the day has the same amount of rewards available as any other time of the day.

e.g. If a Daily Reward Pool is 24,000 Tokens, then every hour 1000 tokens are up for grabs, split across all players who run in that time window.


Player A, B and C completed their runs with all 20 Energy used between 6pm - 7pm

Total number of players: 3

Total DOSE allocated for that hour: 15 DOSE

DOSE earned per player: 5 DOSE

By the time they finish a session, the system will carry out calculations to confirm the players in that final minute (and if they meet the required movement time) for DOSE distribution.

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