Intro to Rider

Providing you with general information about what is Rider, how to get started, how to download the Rider app, official links, how to create a Rider account and log in/ log out, how to give feedback.

What is Dustland Rider?

Dustland Rider (Rider) is the world’s first blockchain ride-to-earn (R2E) cycling game. It’s a story-driven game where your bike acts as the controller. Put on your headphones or turn on your speaker and immerse yourself in the Dustland story. To read more about Dustland and its reward system, check out the Litepaper.

To get started, all a player needs to get into Dustland Rider is a reliable internet connection, a good bike, a passion for fitness and a willingness to have fun. To start your adventure:

  1. Install Dustland Rider

AppPlatformPlatform requirementDownload URL

Dustland Rider


Check out here

Download here to join us

Dustland Rider


Check out here

Download here to join us

Dustland Rider


Check out here

Download here to be one of the first riders to play on iOS

2. Place the bike on a compatible indoor trainer

3. Connect the speed sensor to the device via Bluetooth

Official Links for Rider?

Where can I download and play Rider (Alpha)?

Play on PC or Mac for the best experience. The game also runs well on iOS and Android phones and tablets. The Alpha version has been launched on PC (download here), Android (download here), and iOS (download here).


a) Windows Explorer Download Warning:

  • If you received this error on downloading, you can be sure there are no virus. It is just a windows warning that this installer is not yet commonly downloaded.

  • To bypass this warning, click the 3 dots on the right side next to the trash can and press “Keep” in the dropdown:

  • A second warning will come up and you will need to press “Keep anyway”. Wait a little, it will be available to open.

b) The servers are not responding:

  • If you received the below error on downloading, please check whether your firewall or safe browsing app is not blocking the game traffic.

  • If you are concerned that the download link is unsafe, you can check our listing on Google Safe Browsing and SSLTrust where we are listed as a safe website.

How should I get started with Dustland Rider and create an account ?

If you already have an existing Dustland account

Login to a Dustland Rider account as follows:

If you are a new player

Sign up for a Dustland Rider account as follows:

If you want move from guest to official Rider account

Create a Dustland Rider Account from my guest data

What if I forget my password ?

Reset password as follows:

What should I do if I would like to give feedback ?

We’d love to hear from you!

Step 2: Enter your feedback and click “Submit”.

Once again, many thanks for your feedback!

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