Operation Ape: Access Pass

Ape Pass Secondary Marketplaces


  • Operation Ape Missions

Only players who hold an Operation Ape: Access Pass will be able to play the Operation Ape story missions featuring Buster our very own Bored Ape (#8222) who is fully voiced in these missions

  • Exclusive DOSE Reward Pool

Players of the Operation Ape missions will have access to a very exclusive DOSE rewards pool, as well as be able to collect DOSE from all of our other activities (such as Season 1 missions). See: DOSE Rewards for more information

  • Rare Item Drops

Holders have access to rare item drops that are ONLY available in Operation Ape missions. These items are Chipz and Floppy Disks (of Epic and Legendary rarities), which can be combined into a Dustland Gear. Gear can be minted into NFT and traded freely.

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