Completion Tickets & Reward 2.0 (Real Time Reward)

What’s a completion ticket and Reward 2.0?

Completion ticket is part of the Alpha (Phase 1) Dustland reward system, and one mission earns one completion ticket during the Alpha period. Completion Ticket Burn has already ended and in-game DOSE has been dropped to Dustcap's account. Our new real time rewards system is up and running so you can get moving and earn DOSE directly during your runs.

Why is Dustland implementing KYC?

KYC is a process that we have to put in place in order to ensure that our players can safely and legally earn and withdraw tokens from Dustland. We must be accountable as a publicly traded company and this is a critical step that will protect our game system in the long run.

KYC will be implemented at some point. News on this will come closer to the time.

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