Daily Reward Pool

Every day, an amount of DOSE tokens is allocated to the Daily Reward Pool. This is the maximum number of tokens that can be earned by all players across all activities. The number of tokens allocated each day is variable and will depend on a few factors aimed at maintaining a healthy game.

Reward pool stats will eventually be available to view on our website

DOSE rewards are given as in-game DOSE. To withdraw as DOSE tokens in the future, players have to pass KYC.

The Daily Reward Pool is currently set to 1.4M tokens every month. We may grow the Reward Pool over time as the player population grows.

Key rules:

  • DOSE is distributed evenly across all hours of the day (equal share of DOSE every hour).

  • Amount of DOSE distributed depends on the number of players who are also running around the same hour.

  • For any undistributed DOSE for the hour, it will be returned back to the game reward reserve pool (hourly and daily activity pool do not accumulate).

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