Gear Level and Loadout

The Dustland runs on Gear. Collect. Craft. Survive.

Dustland’s first Gear is a Shoe (a.k.a. Grunt Boot). The different rarity of Shoe will carry a different maximum Gear level and perks. So for example, a Common Shoe crafted from a Common Floppy will have a lower max Gear level than a Rare Shoe crafted from Rare Floppy.

OpenSea collection here.

OnePlanet collection here.

Gear level impacts how much in-game DOSE a player can earn and the increment is not linear. There's a bonus to having multiple Gear Slots equipped. Gear items also allow players to earn more perks and grant access to unique game modes.

Dustcaps will be able to see their Gear Loadout with a preset character on the “Inventory” page of the app.

To calculate the Gear level:

  • The character starts at level 1.

  • Each shoe starts at level 1 and as players go up the ranks, it will give them an increasing earning multiplier.

Example: Both the shoe and the character start at level 1, so players will see level 2 if they are starting with a level 1 character and 1 shoe, or level 3 if with a level 1 character and 2 shoes. The boost starts at 10% and scales as total gear score scales. Also players who have more slots filled will see an additional bonus.

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