Glyph: A wave


Perched on top of a salt mine at the edge of the desert and stretching down to touch the coastline is Kettlemine. Once a bustling fishing village memorable for its fresh, salt air, that same air smells burnt now, and carries the acrid tinge of rot after The Fall. You can’t escape the fine dusting of sand that covers every surface and it’s always underfoot, and the constant wind ensures it burns the eyes.

Kettlemine has managed to create a semblance of a community where residents do their best to stave off the elements. The squat, ramshackle buildings constructed from sheet metal and the husks of old boats dotting its landscape don’t really hint at the network of tunnels running beneath Kettlemine, tunnels that extend deep into the desert. The tunnels ensure Kettlemine has an escape from the roving Pirates it trades with. After all, it’s a tense relationship based on mutual need, but that could change in a heartbeat.

3 Unique Locations

  • The Sea Wall - Designed to break the punishing tide, the Sea Wall has become the place kids hang out, and an unofficial art space for the town. It's littered with murals and graffiti along its two-mile length and locals like to spend time out on its far end when the sea is calm

  • The Hesperus - A wrecked trawler from the old times, almost fossilised by the accelerated erosion of the Dustlands.

  • The Dustcap Garden - A forest of small, sturdy trees. One is planted every time a Dustcap is qualified, and another every time a Dustcap dies.

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