New Alice Springs - Desert Science City

Glyph: An old school lightbulb, illuminated.


The shining city of science, New Alice Springs is where the future is born. Or, as some cynics say, brought back to life. The largest settlement in the Shining Lake, an achingly bright dry lake bed, New Alice Springs is dominated by Cylinder Tower, home of its patriarch and hero, Doctor Cylinder.

The streets buzz with people, food, innovation and energy. You can buy anything here from a battleship to a quesadilla. The skies flutter with kites, the roofs thrum with wind generators and the crowds never stop. Especially during race season when the weirdest and best vehicles in the Dustland compete against one another.

New Alice SPrings is like this because of Doctor Cylinder’s neutrality policy. The rule is simple; if you come in, that means no violence, towards anyone. The rule does not extend past the city gates and the city hums, not just with power, but with tension. You’re safe here. Most of the time…

3 Unique Locations

  • Cylinder Stadium - The start and finish line for the races. A repurposed old football stadium still with the vast racks of seats but now home to the major teams in the racing league. Literally home, they sleep here and it's essentially a town inside a town.

  • Cylinder Tower - Lab. Vertical farm. Palace. Statement of intent. Cylinder Tower is the heart of the city, the tallest building by far and absolutely central to New Alice Springs.

  • The Charmed Wheel - Best bar in town, a five storey saloon/bar/nightclub. Part owned by Sketchy Galore and THE place to go to watch the races.

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