Technical Support

Known issues:

1.0.8 Android

  • Login token expiry on Android. If you get this error then restart the app and login again.

I am getting a disconnected screen.

  • Check the computer has the minimum requirements to play (see Q2 in How to set up)

  • Reduce graphic settings to very low (see Graphic settings in the Important Notes)

  • Disconnect ANT+ USB dongle from the PC to only search for Bluetooth devices

  • Disconnect any HDMI cables to large TVs

  • Reduce number of devices nearby to connect to (turn ON only needed power and speed)

  • Try a different PC in the same gym/room

  • Disable firewall

My power sensor is not working, what should I do ?

  • Check if your sensor is not asleep before trying to connect. To do this, pedal for a couple seconds before pressing the connect button.

  • Check if your sensor has power, some power meters, those attached to pedals, use a battery and this can go flat without charge or replacement.

In case you tried but still are not successful, please provide us with

(1) the name of the device and

(2) the firmware version.

We can have a look at that to see what we can help with.

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