Crafting Item Drops

As the Dustland crafting system is being introduced, players will be required to achieve certain requirements in-game to unlock them for progression. During the mission, items in the form of "Potential Rewards" will be dropped. After the mission, players will be able to find those dropped items in their Inventory.

Players need to combine those dropped items, a.k.a. “crafting materials”, collected through the missions together with other crafting requirements to create new Gear or upgrade existing ones (see crafting recipe here). With a little luck and proper planning, players can craft these materials into powerful and personalized Gear. Each Gear has a different crafting recipe and cost, and crafting in Dustland is gasless. In order to craft, players will need a Floppy Disk. The rarity of the Floppy determines the rarity of the Gear you get to craft (see Floppy Disk here).

In Dustland, the secret to survival is strategizing your run. Plan for what you need and spend your energy wisely. Equip yourself with the Gear that gives you the best loadout for the mission at hand.

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